Experience the Fusion of History and Luxury with Pendleton by Sunbrella at Outward Decor - Outward Decor

Experience the Fusion of History and Luxury with Pendleton by Sunbrella at Outward Decor

Introduction: The Legacy of Pendleton and Sunbrella - Crafting Elegance for Outdoor Living

In outdoor decor, few names resonate with the legacy and sophistication of Pendleton and Sunbrella. These brands, each a titan in their own right, have created a collection that redefines outdoor luxury. The Pendleton by Sunbrella collection is more than just fabric; it's a statement of style, resilience, and history.

The History of Pendleton - A Tapestry of American Heritage

Pendleton Woolen Mills, with its roots stretching back to 1863, began as the vision of British weaver Thomas Kay. Overcoming challenges like devastating mill fires, Kay's perseverance laid the foundation for a brand synonymous with quality and endurance. Pendleton's story is one of family, innovation, and the blending of cultures. The Bishop family, following Kay's footsteps, not only continued the legacy but also expanded it, introducing vibrant colors and intricate patterns that echoed the spirit of the Native American tribes they traded with.

Sunbrella - The Epitome of Durability and Design
Sunbrella, founded in 1961, started as a solution for the awning industry but quickly became a leader in performance fabrics. Known for its unparalleled durability, fade and mildew resistance, and easy cleaning features, Sunbrella revolutionized how we think about outdoor fabrics. From boat covers to patio furniture, Sunbrella fabrics withstand the elements while maintaining style and comfort.

A Collaboration of Giants - Pendleton by Sunbrella
The collaboration between Pendleton and Sunbrella is a convergence of artistry and resilience. The Pendleton by Sunbrella collection brings together the best of both worlds - the rich heritage and unique designs of Pendleton and the unbeatable durability of Sunbrella fabrics. This collection is a testament to the beauty that emerges when tradition meets innovation.

Harding Fabric: A Legacy Woven in Threads of History and Elegance
The Historical Backdrop
The Harding fabric's story began in 1923, with President Warren G. Harding and First Lady Florence's visit to Oregon’s Blue Mountain Country. Here, they received a meaningful gift from the Cayuse and Umatilla Nations - a beautifully designed blanket, symbolizing admiration and respect. This historical moment inspired the Harding Pattern, rich in heritage and character.

The Harding Design - A Narrative in Fabric
Every thread of the Harding fabric tells a story of sincerity and integrity. Available in striking color variations - Black & White, Black & Red (an exclusive to Big House Fabrics), and Black & Antique Gold - the Harding fabric embodies the spirit of that significant moment. The patterns speak of timeless elegance, making them a perfect addition to any luxurious outdoor setting.

Transforming Spaces with Harding
Envision your outdoor space adorned with cushions and accents in the Harding fabric. Whether creating a bold statement with the exclusive Black & Red or a more subdued elegance with the Black & White, the Harding collection offers versatility. Its durability, backed by the trusted quality of Pendleton by Sunbrella, ensures these fabrics not only add beauty to your space but also withstand time and elements.

Tucson Fabric: Embracing the Mystical Essence of the Pima Tribe
The Legend Behind Tucson
The Tucson fabric honors the Pima tribe's land and their creation legend. In this myth, the world emerged from darkness, brought forth by the Creator using a magic stick. This enchanting pattern captures the essence of creation - Earth, Stars, Moon, and Sun - arising from the depths of darkness, embodying the Pima people's profound connection with the universe.

The Design - A Tribute to Creation
Tucson's design is a celebration of these elemental forces. Its colors and patterns reflect the mystical journey from darkness to the manifestation of the universe. The fabric's intricate design and earthy tones create a sense of connection to the natural world, making it a perfect choice for outdoor spaces that seek a touch of the mystical.

Enhancing Outdoor Elegance with Tucson
Imagine a serene desert landscape, your outdoor lounge area adorned with Tucson fabric. This fabric's unique patterns and colors transform any space into a luxurious retreat, merging cultural heritage with contemporary outdoor luxury.

Little Chief Fabric: Weaving Strength and Legacy
Chief Joseph's Enduring Legacy
The Little Chief fabric pays homage to Chief Joseph, a leader of the Nez Perce tribe known for his unwavering courage and integrity. First woven in the 1920s, this fabric symbolizes Chief Joseph's enduring legacy through its bold and distinctive design.

Design that Speaks of Bravery
The Little Chief Aqua, exclusive to Big House Fabrics, features bold arrowheads, symbolizing Chief Joseph's bravery, strength, and commitment to his people. This pattern is more than a design; it's a tribute to a legacy of resilience and truth.

The Little Chief in Your Outdoor Sanctuary
Envision your outdoor space adorned with the Little Chief fabric. Its unique patterns and exclusive Aqua color transform any setting into a place of strength and tranquility. Ideal for those who appreciate history and want to bring a piece of it into their modern outdoor living spaces.

Kiva Steps Fabric: A Tribute to Ancient Traditions
The Sacred Essence of Kivas
The Kiva Steps fabric is a tribute to the ancient Puebloan kivas, the sacred subterranean chambers that have been centers of spiritual ceremonies for generations. These spaces, rich in spiritual significance, embody the essence of ancient traditions and the profound journeys of the Hopi people.

Symbolism in Design
The pattern of squared steps in the Kiva Steps fabric mirrors the physical and spiritual passages associated with kivas. It represents the journey to and from these sacred spaces, echoing the ceremonial steps taken by the modern Hopi during their spiritual gatherings.

Bringing Ancient Mystique to Modern Spaces
Envision the Kiva Steps fabric enhancing your outdoor space, adding a touch of ancient mystique to the modern luxury of your home. The fabric's design complements tranquil settings, making it ideal for creating a serene and reflective outdoor sanctuary.

Big Wyeth Trail Fabric: Nature's Design, Redefined
Inspired by Oregon's Majestic Trails
The Big Wyeth Trail fabric is a masterpiece inspired by the natural beauty of Oregon's Wyeth Trail. This trail, known for its distinctive peaks, fertile valleys, and pristine rivers, provides the perfect muse for a fabric that embodies balance and the beauty of the natural world.

A Pattern that Echoes the Great Outdoors
The balanced pattern of the Big Wyeth Trail fabric, a Big House Fabric Exclusive, captures the essence of the trail's landscapes. It's a harmonious blend of design and nature, where each element complements the other, creating a serene and inviting outdoor space.

Bringing the Essence of the Trail to Your Patio
Imagine this fabric gracing your outdoor furniture, blending seamlessly with the natural elegance of your garden or patio. Whether you're nestled in the mountains or in the heart of the city, the Big Wyeth Trail fabric brings a piece of Oregon's natural wonder to your doorstep, enhancing your outdoor living experience with its unique beauty.

The Art of Outdoor Elegance with Pendleton by Sunbrella
The Pendleton by Sunbrella collection is more than just fabric; it's a journey through history, culture, and artistry. Each pattern tells a story, inviting you to be a part of a legacy that blends the best of Pendleton's heritage with Sunbrella's unmatched durability. As you choose these fabrics for your outdoor spaces, you're not just selecting a design; you're embracing a piece of history and a promise of enduring beauty and functionality.

Explore the Collection and Transform Your Space
We invite you to explore the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection and discover how these fabrics can transform your outdoor living spaces. Whether you're drawn to the historical significance of the Harding fabric, the mystical allure of Tucson, the strength of Little Chief, the spiritual depth of Kiva Steps, or the natural elegance of Big Wyeth Trail, each fabric offers a unique story and an unparalleled outdoor experience.

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Embrace the Luxury of Outdoor Living
We believe that your outdoor space is a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle. With the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection, you can create an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also rich in history and durability. Visit Outward Decor to explore our collection and start transforming your outdoor space into a haven of luxury and elegance.

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