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Flagstaff Welted Outdoor Pillow | Pendleton by Sunbrella

Flagstaff Welted Outdoor Pillow | Pendleton by Sunbrella

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Introducing our Flagstaff 20x20 Welted Pillow: Embrace the timeless charm of the Southwest with this exquisite addition to your outdoor oasis. Crafted to perfection, the Flagstaff Welted Pillow pays homage to the rugged beauty of Arizona's high country, much like the city it's named after. The intricate welted design adds a touch of sophistication, while the durable fabric ensures it withstands the elements. Elevate your outdoor space with this versatile and stylish accessory, designed to bring the spirit of Flagstaff right to your home. Discover the allure of the Southwest with Flagstaff by Outward Decor.

Key Features:

  • Expertly crafted with durable materials.
  • Welted design for added elegance.
  • Inspired by the rustic beauty of Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • Weather-resistant and built to last.
  • Perfect for enhancing your outdoor decor.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Free Shipping

Transform your patio into a sanctuary of style and comfort with the Flagstaff Welted Pillow by Outward Decor. Experience the allure of the Southwest, all year round.

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Cozy Elegance: The Flagstaff Welted Pillow Experience

Nestled amidst the ponderosa pine forests, Flagstaff's mountain town allure is perfectly encapsulated in our Flagstaff Welted Pillow. Each pillow, with its raised seams and plush finish, mirrors the serenity of this high-altitude haven. Whether it's the crisp air of an early morning hike or the starlit skies above the San Francisco Peaks, our Flagstaff Welted Pillow brings a touch of alpine elegance to your outdoor space. The durable Pendleton by Sunbrella fabric ensures each pillow withstands the elements, just like the enduring charm of Flagstaff itself. Enhance your home with a piece that's as adventurous and timeless as the city that inspired it.

Alpine Aura: The Natural Majesty of Flagstaff

Flagstaff, Arizona, is a landscape painted with the broad strokes of nature's palette — from the verdant greens of the largest ponderosa pine forest to the striking blues of the expansive skies. This city, a gateway to the Grand Canyon, exudes a rugged beauty that is both wild and welcoming. Our Flagstaff Welted Pillow collection draws from this natural majesty, offering a durable and stylish testament to the outdoor spirit. Just as Flagstaff serves as a crossroads of cultures and landscapes, our pillows are a crossroads of design and durability, perfect for adding a dash of mountainous magic to any outdoor setting.